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Sociology, what is it?

Sociology, what is it?

Sociology is a science dedicated to helping us understand our society and the ways we interact with each other and with institutional structures.

Social diversity is one of the most studied characteristics of SociologySocial diversity is one of the most studied characteristics of Sociology.

Probably one of the most common questions in a sociologist's life is also what he repeats most to himself: in the end, what is " sociology "? What is your purpose? Why should I use this in my life?
Well, the last question is not necessarily that of a sociologist, but it is certainly one of the most listened to. I imagine you, dear reader, have already asked your teacher the same question. Or you've been lost in the whirlwind of complicated names that all sociologists love and often seem to serve only to confuse us.
Very well, fear nothing! The Sociology session of Brasil Escola is ready to answer these and any questions that come to haunt our brilliant heads.
What is Sociology?
Let's begin at the beginning. In simple terms, sociology is the science that focuses on society itself and all its ramifications, components and members.It is dedicated to understanding the forms of interaction we have with each other, our organizations and the social phenomena observed in the reality of individuals.
The sociological gaze always brings us a new perspective on situations that are apparently of an individual nature, but that end up reaching a much wider range of our collective reality. We can take as an example the unemployment that, although it is a terrible tragedy in the life of the individual, echoes in every social chain, affecting our economic reality and accentuating social inequality and, possibly, aggravating other problems like violence, hunger and the precariousness of education.
Estamos sempre exercendo e sofrendo influência uns sobre os outrosWe are always exerting and suffering influence over one another
Is Sociology a Science?
Sociology is, for all intents and purposes, a science. It is intimately linked to the scientific method, although it differs in certain respects, and it proposes to understand processes and phenomena, directly or indirectly, observable.Although it is not possible to put a society or social interaction under the microscope's lens, it is possible to approach specific parts of our reality so that we can observe it and, from these observations, try to draw explanations, theories and conclusions about these "objects" that are also concrete in their own way.
Where did Sociology
As a unique subject, sociology is relatively "new". It began as an idea in the mid-nineteenth century, with the French philosopher Augusto Comte , who proposed a new area of ​​study that would bring together the main areas of knowledge of the human sciences into a single one, which would propose to understand all aspects of the social man and the phenomena that would manifest themselves in the diverse social realities.
To this end, this new area of ​​knowledge, according to Comte, should be proposed to be universal and applicable to any and all societies that exist or will exist. With this aim, Comte turns to the way of observation of the other sciences before the new Sociology, arguing that the studies of this new subject should be based on observable and measurable phenomena to be able to grasp the general rules that govern the social world of the individual. This perspective is called " positivism " and is the dominant form of observation of the world in the middle of the Industrial Revolution (19th-20th centuries)
What is the role of Sociology in my life?
That is the main question for many. The sociological gaze helps us to face our reality by angles that we are not used to seeing. As humans and individuals, we are accustomed to taking into account only what is in our direct contact. However, our reality is not only formed by our particular experiences, our interaction with the other members of our reality and the interactions they have in their reality, they take part in the construction of a much larger whole and, therefore, they end up molding our own realities and the ways in which we interact with the world.
Sociology is there to make us look further, to unravel our view of the world and to make us realize that our reality goes far beyond what we imagine.
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